If you are a South African and are looking at Canada or America for your next carreer move, you're at the right place ! We have secured a large number of seasonal industrial jobs, some with the posibility for longer term employment.  Your English needs to be fluent, you need to be in good heath and ofcourse have what it takes to secure these jobs.

Suitable diploma's and relevant experience are a must to be considdered for these positions. If you have no suitable diplomas, licences or experience but are not scared to make your hands dirty "click here".

If you have experience with; heavy duty diesel engines, hydraulics, rigging, boilermaking, welding, truck or dumptruck driving, chances are good we invite you for an interview at our Head office or at one of our countrywide agents, based in your area.

This particular division of Away2Xplore, deals with industrial employers mostly in Canada, but also in America.   Our Canadian employers have a shortage of qualified and experienced, English speaking profesionals and South Africans have proven very popular and capable.

About the program and jobs.

In most cases your travel expenses are paid for by the employer, through us, provided you complete a full season per your agreement.   Salaries are anything from 30% more, to double what you are used to in South Africa, depending on your experience and CV. After we have received your CV and application form we will come back to you with more details about the jobs you qualify for and posibly invite you for an interview, right here in South Africa.  

Heavy duty Diesel mechanics.

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CDL and truck drivers

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I have no diplomas or qualifications however i do have experience in this field. Click here for more info.