Amusement Park Jobs
Hospitality jobs at the Caribbean

Ready for 2016 work season ? With Away2xplore overseas work adventures, you will be working for Carnivals / Amusement parks overseas. Away2explore is the answer to how to get a job in America We provide employment for South Africans going abroad to workaway from home. Work and discover new horizons, while having the time of your life abroad, working on Carnival thrill rides as Ride operators / Ride attendants. Amusement park work includes making funnel-cakes candy floss, but also operating big wheel rides, such as the freak out and Matterhorn.

Working as a ride attendant on the fireball or any other big ride is a nice mix of physical, get your hands dirty work, during set up and tear down, while working with people when the Amusement park is open. Working as a food worker in a food joint, making hamburgers, pizzas, funel cakes or Deep Fried Oreo's, one will not go hungry. Hygiene and customer service are very important when you are doing this work. Working on a Carnival is hard work which seperates the boys from the men. Its not for sissies and if you are not mature, with a little work experience, chances are quite big, you will not make it doing this job in America. There are many choices to go work overseas to work and travel abroad. In America one can try secure a Hospitality job on a Golf course, Ski resort, Working on oil rigs, or Work at a carnival like the ones contracted to Away2Xplore, Werkoorsee and Jobs abroad. Working for a season with one of our employers guarantees you a year of hard work, fund and travel all over North America.

Your bunkhouse accommodation is usually cheap or free in most cases. Water, lights and transport are often park of your benefits / perks, which you don't pay for, yet still add value of hundreds of Dollars, to your income package. If you have an international drivers Licence, sometimes you can help drive Vans and make extra money. Going home at the end of your work contract with anything in your pocket between R 20 000 and a R 120 000 saved up is something we often hear. Away2xplore invented the Airfare sponsored carnival jobs in America 14 yaers ago, and has since helped thousands of South Africans with well paid carnival jobs in America. North American Midway entertainment is the largest traveling carnival in the world, and is contracted to Away2xplore for many years now for its South African crew. N.A.M.E requires an established recruiter, that is consistant, reliable, trustworthy and selects only the best, most suitable recruits for employment USA. South AfricanTruck drivers with an existing CDL are welcome to apply, for one of our carnival jobs overseas.

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